About Explonade

Explonade is a unique mix of the best possibilities of a social network and the city guide. A lot of of separated groups in the various social networks makes the process of dialogue and searching of the necessary information hard – it is necessary to be registered in each of them, which normally takes a lot of time. Now you can easily receive the useful and interesting information on any of your interests: business, rest, entertainments, services, sports and so on and as to adjust and support business or friendly dialogue in one place – Explonade.com

So, for example, gathering in holiday, using Explonade you can learn all about your hotel: see it on the real map, see the photos, read responses and reviews of other people, and later maybe add yours. 

In Venues section you can find any objects on categories by your interest. For example, all night clubs, restaurants or the shops located near to your hotel or apartment.

One more feature of Explonade project is multilingual. All information is presented in two languages now – Russian (explonade.ru), English (explonade.com). Also we will open German (explonade.de) soon. It gives the chance to us to expand a project audience as much as possible. 

That's why your message, a response or the announcement placed on Explonade, can read much bigger audience worldwide. 

Our target audience:

1. Foreign residents of a city

2. Representatives of local businesses.

3. Tourists and travelers. 

How Explonade can help  me ? 

With Explonade you can:

  • Find any place on the map
  • Share the experience and to read responses of others
  • Find any events on the interests
  • See the photos and add more
  • Find the friends by interests

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How can I register as a Person ?

Why do I need to Register on Explonade ?

How can I promote my business with Explonade?

  • Add the information on the company
  • Place your company on the map 
  • Create  your Company events and invite more people
  • Add a photo of your products or services

It's all free !!!

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How to register my Company in Explonade ?

Now you can:

Register as a Person

Create a Company account