Dj Gareth Stirling. Exclusive interview.

Explonade: Hi, Gareth ! First of all I want to say thank you for your time !  

Our visitors wil appreciate that ! )

So it will be easy and fast, like a bottle of Sakara ! :) We will ask you some questions – you will answer.. Visitors can ask their own questions as well.

DJ Gareth Stirling. UK – Egypt (Hurghada)Dj Gareth Stirling: Ok !

Explonade: Where are you based? Tell us your background. Why did you choose DJ career ?

Dj Gareth Stirling: Ive always been into electronic music, but my first gig came about after my good friend who was playing at a club in my home town spoke to the manager and he agreed to let me play on a busy saturday night.

I was originally planned to play the early set 11-12am while the club was empty but ended up playing from 1.30-3am when the club was full. I was very nervous as I only bought my decks 2 weeks before and had very little practice. I pulled it off and the gig when great I had the place rocking but I didnt feel ready so I went back and practiced in my bedroom every night for 6 months before I played again

Explonade: Now you work in Egypt HedKandi and Mos. How did you get there ? Why Egypt, Hurghada ? Where did you play befor it ?

Dj Gareth Stirling: was working in Manchester and DJ'ing Friday and Saturday nights at bars and clubs around the area. I have played in most venues and so I wanted to branch out internationally.

I had been to Sharm the year before and saw the Hed Kandi Beach bar and Ministry Of Sound club in Hurghada on the internet while I was researching things to do while I was on holiday. When I got back home I sent them an email and sent a mix of my music. I got invited over to be a resident DJ instantly and Ive been here for 18 months so I must of made a good impression.

Explonade: How many parties you have per week ? Tell us about your day. 

Dj Gareth Stirling: I play 3 times a week for Hed Kandi and 3 for Ministry Of sound. Each night has a different theme and we also do pool parties and special events so each week is different. I have played some amazing events while I have been here and it keeps getting better. Most days I usually sunbathe or have a big hangover from the party the night before!

Explonade: Many people think its easy and fun to be a DJ... But we know its not. Djing is a hard work and you have to be a real fan of it to do it so good. What is the hardest part of your job ?

Dj Gareth Stirling: Learning to beat match is the easy part. Reading the crowd and knowing what tracks to play and at what time is one for the more difficult skills. You either can do this or you can't many Djs are technically very good but dont get the crowd going, or panic if the dance floor isnt as busy as it should be. Keeping your cool and playing your big tracks at the right time is essential. 

Explonade: As we know you use to play with very famous people, tell us about it.

Dj Gareth Stirling: I have done some huge events here and back in England. My first big event was with Radio1 and Judge Jules right at the beginning of my career. I played at Sankeys in Manchester with Djs such as Master @ Work, Darren Emmerson, Dimitri From Paris to name a few.

I was also involved in events with Eric Morillo and Axwell. The biggest events in Egypt Ive played are the white sensation events at Ministry Of Sound, near to 3000 people dressed in White and the atmosphere is amazing. I have done 3 of these so far.

Explonade:  Now lets talk about your style... When I saw you first time at Hed Kandi (Hurghada) you struck me with your energy and style. What kind of music do you play ?

DJ Gareth Stirling. UK – Egypt (Hurghada). Hed Kandi.

Dj Gareth Stirling: I play most kinds of House as I love it all. I like deep, tech house but I throw a few funky numbers in there to keep it interesting. I also like to play Loops and samples when I have a 4 deck set up. I have started using my laptop when I play so I can introduce some LIVE elements to my sets.

Explonade:  Where we can download your mixes ? Give us some links, please.

Dj Gareth Stirling: I have a facebook fan page DJ Gareth Stirling Fan page also I have podcast on Itunes and Podomatic to download I try and do 2 mixes a month. Search Gareth Stirling on Itunes and you can subscribe.

Explonade:  Many girls whant to know about your private life )) Do you have a wife or girlfriend ? :)

Dj Gareth Stirling: I have a wonderful girlfriend and we have started to work together as she is a dancer and model. We have started an entertainment company HP entertainment. Its an agency to provide dancers and hostess' to events around Egypt and we hope to organize our own events in the near future. First Egypt then the world (Hopefully)

DJ Gareth Stirling & Dominique Laird (Hurghada, Egypt)

Explonade:  What are your plans for the next 2-3 years ? Where we can see you ?

Dj Gareth Stirling: I have bookings all round Egypt such as Alexandria and Cario over the next few months. This year though I want to branch out more across the globe. I have possible events in Russia, Germany, Jordan and Bahrain this year but are still to be confirmed. If I do 2 or 4 international events this year I will be happy, then next year I will push to do one a month atleast. I have started my own productions so keep you ears pealed. Hopefully I will be coming to a club near you some time soon.

Thank you for your time, Gareth ! And we will see you soon ! )

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