Hurghada is located in 500 km from Сairo on Red Sea. It became known as one of the most beautiful resorts in the world only in 1980s of the XX century. It seems as if Egyptian Gods knew nothing about this marvelous place many years ago.

But the time passed and thanks to people’s will, now we can see Hurghada, a beautiful resort near the Red Sea, which is so popular with tourists from Russia, England and Germany. Modern Hurghada is the town which meets millions of tourists every year. There are nearly 300 hotels situated on the coast. One can find Hilton, Marriot and Sheraton hotels here. Now Hurghada has the most hotels per person in the world and the number is increasing. So the resort is becoming very popular.

What attracts tourists from all over the world to this wonderfull place in Egypt ?

First: it is the climate with sunny and warm weather all the year round. Mild winds from the sea make even hot days very pleasant. The climate is so mild that you won’t feel uncomfortable even during the first days of your stay here. You are sure to be pleased with the weather all the year round. The hottest month is August with the temperature of 35 degrees above zero and the water is 28. The coldest month is February with the temperature of 20 or 23 and the water is about 20.

Second: the tourists are attracted by the clean waters of the Red Sea. You will enjoy the sand beaches. Those who are fond of diving, windsurfing and kitesurfing will find here all opportunities for their hobby.

Hurghada has lots of windsurfing centers. Several hotels in Hurghada have got good diving centers and give tourists all necessary equipment and experienced instructors. Thanks to the fact that Hurghada was the first resort in Egypt to meet foreign tourists you can call it one of the most “experienced “ resorts in the country. You will be pleased by the service. In 2004 they built a big zoo here. If you see the Red Sea Aquarium, you will never forget it, because nothing can be compared to its beauties. During the day time you are supposed to enjoy a safari desert or explore the Red Sea wildlife on a submarine. There is a paintball club in Hurghada which is the only one in Egypt.

In the evening you won’t miss a discoteque if you like dancing. Visit New Hurghada Marina to enjoy high level sevrice in bars, restaurants and shops. Maybe you would like to visit Eastern Disneyland or watch a musical fountain in the hotel Golden 5. Many hotels have dancing shows. If you want to have a souvenir from Egypt you’d better buy some golden or silver jewelry which is not expensive here, but good enough. The architecture of Hurghada is varied. The most interesting sight is Kopts Church which is open for tourists. But if you want to see the Pyramids or Sfinks you won’t find them in Hurghada. You should visit Cairo and some other places. All possible excursions are available. There are many beautiful places in Egypt but Hurghada is the best for family holidays, besides it is much cheaper than others.


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